Ladies…we all love a great pair of jeans.  They are the perfect clothing chameleon.  You can dress them up.  You can dress them down.  Wear them with a great bootie or flip flops – it doesn’t matter.  Jeans don’t judge.

The issue is when we go shopping for said pair of perfect jeans.  Not so fun.  It is a close second to shopping for a bathing suits.

So I must share with you the details of my most recent shopping experience.

I go to Kohl’s today with the goal of finding jeans. Not looking forward to it.  But I psyched myself up and headed out with a positive attitude.

I proceed to pick out 8 pairs with the slim hope of finding one that I could  tolerate. You’ve all been there. The sad trek to the dressing room after working up a sweat because you have to look through the 100 different styles, sizes, and washes.

Then you say a silent prayer to God “Please God. Just let me find at least one pair that don’t make me look like an Oompa Loompa. I can’t go bottomless all winter”.

So I step into a dressing room, trying to stay positive.  By the way, I choose the same dressing room that I have had luck in before.  Don’t judge.

I proceed to pull on the first pair, while repeating the mantra “It’s ok. You never like the first pair.  Don’t get discouraged, girl.  You got this.”  

I open my eyes.  I am pleasantly surprised.  Hm.  Not too bad.  I actually like them.  I can breath in them.  I can bend over and not show the world my “business”.  This is a positive sign.

I try the next pair.  Good gracious, I liked those too.  Is this is dream?  

Guess what ladies.  I LIKED EVERY SINGLE PAIR!

Sweet Jesus! My prayers were answered. Can I get an Amen?

I haven’t been in this situation since I was 16 years old and wore a size 4, but thought I was fat.

This is a once in a lifetime situation.  It’s like having my husband and son turn off a light when they leave a room!  Or putting a new roll of toilet paper on the roll when it runs out.  NEVER HAPPENS…am I right?

So friends, there is hope out there.  Stay positive.  Don’t be afraid to try on different styles.  Try a new brand.  By the way, I bought one each of Vera Wang, Chaps and good old Levi’s.  If it takes trying on 10 pairs, so be it.  

Also, don’t be afraid of that “number” on the tag.  Sizes sometimes vary between brand and style.  Don’t fret.  It is just a number!

There is a perfect pair for all of us. I hope that you too can have a successful jean hunting season. I am sending you good thoughts, ladies.  After all, we are all in this together.

I’m going to go play the Lotto now.



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