Hobby Lobby.  Perhaps two of the most beautiful words in the english language.

You know you do it too.  Stroll the isles of Hobby Lobby just waiting for inspiration.  It always comes.  Just be open to the experience.

I was meandering down each lovely isle and then I got to my favorite place.  The clearance isle.  Oh, I could just hear the angels singing!

I then came across two of these identical framed prints that were looking for a good home.  At only $3 each I knew they belonged with me!


I happened to be looking to update my stairway and I had already found an amazing old distressed window frame that I knew would make it’s home by my staircase.  I decided to revamp these to live there too.  I love when the DIY gods make my life easy.


First, I took apart the clearance frames from Hobby Lobby.   A very easy task.  Then I went through my fabric “scraps” looking for a blue or grey scheme that would match my paint.  I hate calling them “scraps” because I always end up using them somehow.  I simply traced the inside of the matting and then cut the fabric a little larger.

I then painted the matting that came with the using Annie Sloan “French Linen” chalk paint .

Then I painted the frames using Annie Sloan “Old White” chalk paint.  I needed very little of each color.

Once everything was dry, I scuffed up the frame paint with a little sand paper so they would coordinate with the distressed window.  As you can see, I added a grapevine wreath to the window for some texture.

Here is the finished product.  I love it how it all came together!  * I think that I will end up going over the frames with a coat of Annie Sloan wax in black to bring down the brightness of the white so it will tie in with the antique look.



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