I know you have one of these projects too. At least I like to think that I am not the only one, so please just play along.

Ours was our basement. I mean, we have only lived here for 14 years. Why the rush? We did small upgrades to it here and there. First, we put down some laminate wood floor. Then we dry walled and painted. Then a year later, we put stone on the fireplace.

You know, every year you are finally going to “get to it” and finish.

OK..it will be done by Thanksgiving.

OK…maybe Christmas.

Then it is next year already. You know the drill.

Well, 2017 was the year! We host Thanksgiving yearly and I really wanted to be able to have somewhere to watch TV and talk instead of everyone cramming into our living room. We need space after stuffing our faces, people!

We (maybe just me) finally decided enough was enough. Pull up the sleeves and get the job done. Or at least talk about it enough to have the hubby get sick of hearing me nag, and get the job done.

One of the main things that really was an eyesore in the basement was the electrical panel. Of course, it is on the wall where I wanted to put the TV, so all eyes would be there constantly. Not like it was behind us and could be ignored.

How was I going to camouflage this?

My favorite thing to do when I am having a design dilemma is to visit open houses and see what their professional decorators do. They get paid the big bucks, right? Hopefully they would have some genius idea to hide this wire monster. Guess what? Nothing.
Hmm. How about Pinterest? Pinterest always comes through. Again, nothing there that I didn’t think of myself.

I wanted something unique. I wanted something that screamed “chic farmhouse”.

So, Hobby Lobby to the rescue. Really…no surprise there. Love that store!

I saw a super cute initial plaque that caught my eye. And it was only $9.99. How could I NOT buy it?

My creative juices started flowing. I knew that we had some awesome old leftover barn wood from a project that my husband did for a client. Oh boy…

WHAT IF we used the barn wood and the plaque to create a cute “door”? We still needed access to the electrical panel so of course a door made sense. And since we were using barn wood, why not use barn door hardware? It made perfect sense in my mind, but would the hubby go for it? Surprise, surprise, he loved the idea.

This actually turned out to be a pretty simple project. I am famous for always saying that every project will only take 30 minutes. Constant eye rolls from the hubby. I actually wasn’t super far off on this one. It was completed in one evening. Yay hubby!


We ordered the barn door hardware from Amazon.


My hubby measured the opening that needed covering and cut the planks accordingly. He simply used some scrap wood screwed on the back to hold the planks together.

He then hung the barn door hardware and attached the finished door.

Then we attached the initial plaque to the front for some “pizzazz” and voila!

I think it turned out great. I adore the old barn wood!  So much character.  It provides a unique cover for the former ugliness while still being functional.  It is so easy to access the electrical panel.  Seems like we do this constantly because our outside landscape lights go out every time it rains.(Ugh…fixing that will be a post for another day.)

I hope this gives you a little inspiration to get you on a project that you may have been putting off.

I’d love to see some of the creative ways that you have used to cover your eyesores.




4 thoughts on “How I fixed this eyesore”

  1. Hi, Carrie! Thanks for this delightful post on how you fixed your eyesore.

    I really like the way you covered up the panel, but still was able to access everything behind. I too am a fan of old barn wood. Anything rustic, I suppose.

    I did do something different to bring more light into my bedroom at night. I made a curtain made up of clear mini Christmas lights that extended from the ceiling to the floor across the entire wall my bed was against. It looks really pretty at night. What do you think?

    1. Hi Barb.

      I love the idea of using lights. I bet it looks great!

      I love mini lights.  We have a big outdoor tree decorated with white mini lights that we keep on all winter.  I love the extra brightness and “cheer” when all of the Christmas decorations come down.

      I say do what brings you joy when it comes to decorating your house.

      Take care!

  2. What an absolutely terrific idea! You are the clever one! I can honestly say I never would have thought of putting barn wood over an electrical panel but it looks fantastic! Was that the only thing that needed spruced up or are there more projects on the way! How long did it take to do the panel? I’m totally fascinated so keep us posted!

    1. Why thank you!  I appreciate your kind words.  I had the idea but the hubby did all of the work so I will pass the praise along to him.

      It took less than 2 hours to complete the project.

      There will be more updates on the way, don’t worry!

      Thanks again!


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