My clothes drawers aren’t pretty.  They look like what a 10 year old boy’s would look like.  Sigh…

I decided that I could do better!

I work part time at a college store and we have these awesome shirt folders that make folding super easy and they look so professional and take up so much less space.  So I thought I would order one or two.  Help a Mom out, right?

Guess what?  They are kind of expensive.  The least expensive version I could find was around $15 and that was without the shipping.  Hmm…wonder if I could make my own?  After some research, I found that I could.

I can’t take the credit, however. I found other super Mom’s who had come up with easy, inexpensive ways to create these gadgets using various methods.  Some used corrugated boxes and duct tape.  But I decided to go a different route.

I went to my local dollar store and picked up 6 sink mats.  I used clear shipping tape, which I already owned, to attach them together.  You could also use duct tape.  If you are really feeling snazzy, you could use some pretty printed duct tape.  (I may upgrade at a later date).  We all like pretty, right?

So, here is how I did it.

You won’t believe how simple this is!

Simply place the sink mats in two rows of three.

Then you will  tape each seam together on the front and the back with the exception of the bottom middle mat as shown below.  The bottom, middle mat gets tape on only the top, leaving the sides with no tape.

That is it!  Easy, peasy.

My drawers went from this…


To this…

Folding is as easy as this…

Place the shirt facedown in the center   





Fold over each side

Flip up the bottom


I only ended up spending $6.00 for the mats.

Now if I can get my husband and son to use this…a girl can dream.

Give this handy dandy little laundry hack a go.  I’d love to see your comments below when you give this a try.  I am really happy with mine and I think that you will be surprised how the simple pleasure of a neat drawer can make you feel a little less stressed and more organized.




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