Seems weird that I would post how to clean a Keurig because I don’t even like coffee.

Stop judging me.  So I am an iced tea girl.  Unsweeted iced tea.  Again with the judging.

But I am married to a coffee guy.

He is also one of those guys who thinks you shouldn’t wash the coffee pot too often because all of the old coffee “stuff” (what to call it?) makes the coffee taste better.  Is that a thing, really?

Guess what, hubby…this coffee machine needs a good cleaning.

Like most of America, we have a Keurig.  I use it for hot water, but the hubby makes his Donut Shop coffee in it every morning with a dash of Italian Sweet Cream creamer.  No substitutions, please.

Our Keurig was crying out to                                                       be cleaned.  Please, please clean me!   I couldn’t ignore this any longer.

I searched online for the best way to deep clean a Keurig and I decided to go with the method outlined below.

One, because I have a large amount of vinegar in the house because it is such a useful and inexpensive cleaning product and two, because it seemed pretty        straight forward and would get the job done.

    1. Unplug your machine.
    2. Remove the water reservoir and lig, mug stand and K-cup holder.  Wash all removable pieces in warm soapy water.
    3. With a clean damp cloth, wipe the surface of the machine.  Don’t forget the are around the coffee pod holder.  This is a prime place for tiny granuals to collect – yuck!.  *Be careful.  There is a very sharp needle around the K-cup holder that you want to avoid.
    4. Return all the removable (and clean) parts and plug in your machine.
    5. Fill the resevoir with vinegar.  I use White Distilled vinegar because this will remove all of the lime and scale buildup in   your Keurig which helps to keeping it running smoothly.
    6. Fill the reservoir the rest of the way with plain water.
    7. Put a mug on the mug stand as if you are brewing your favorite coffee.  Start the brew cycle without a K cup.  Continue to run a brew cycle until the reservoir is empty.  * Discard the mug contents after each brewing cycle.
    8. Once the reservoir is empty, fill it again with plain water.  Repeat the above step until the reservoir is empty to remove any residual vinegar.

Your are all done!  Easy peasy!

Keurig recommends descaling your machine every 3 to 6 months depending on your usage.

Also, according to the Keurig website: “We don’t recommend the use of softened
water or distilled water. Bottled or spring water works best when brewing with your Keurig.”


So to all you coffee ladies and gents, I hope this helps make your coffee taste great and your Keurig running smooth as silk!

For me, I will continue to enjoy my good ol’ plain black iced tea.





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