Hi Friends!  I’m Carrie.

Welcome to Blessed in Blue Jeans.  Please, sit back & relax.

First a little about me.

I married my high school sweetheart in 1993 and have never regretted it a day in my life.  We met in the 5th grade and became best friends.  We are the parents of an awesome 17 year old son who loves to play soccer and golf.

I am at the age where I like to sit on my couch with a good book, feet curled up under me with a cozy blanket, a crackling fire & an iced tea nearby.  My other favorite place would be on my back porch, again with a book (see a pattern?) watching the hummingbirds and gold finches at their feeders.

I really do stop and smell the roses.  I like nothing more than to fill my home with flowers from my garden.  Is there anything better than fresh cut lilacs in spring or roses throughout the summer?  I like calm colors of greys and blues.  The sound of rain.  Grandma’s recipes.  The first winter snowfall when the snow is pristine and white and the world is silent.  It doesn’t get better, right?

So, why “Blessed In Blue Jeans”?

Well, here is where blessed comes in.  I am convinced that angels exist.  In April 2012, I know that I had one on each shoulder when I was “accidentally” diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 39.  What?  I never smoked a day in my life!  Each of my Grandma’s were with me that day and contributed to me surviving cancer for almost 7 years now.

Second, I am not a yoga pants girl.  I am definitely a “jeans and tunic” gal.  I’m all about feeling comfy, but I still believe that you can be laid back and still look put together.  Blue jeans are universal.  They can be dressed up or dressed down.  You can paint some furniture in them or pair them with a great top, scarf and boots and go out for a girls night.  So my “uniform” definitely includes blue jeans.

Life is all about balance and choices, right?

My goal is to show you how I have been able to balance life through easy DIY projects, no fuss home decorating and affordable and chic items that keep you looking and feeling your best without the stress.  Keep wearing those blue jeans, but make sure you wear some cute booties and accessorize with some great modern jewelry.

In this fast paced world, I hope to create a small escape so you can embrace a world of calm.  So much so that I hope you can begin to see the every day blessings in life.

I have truly been blessed with a beautiful life and I am truly grateful.






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